Discover the transformational power of your voice to

  • boost your confidence
  • create connection in your community
  • and heal yourself from the inside out!

Q: Are you one of the many (many) people out there who love to sing but are mortified to sing in front of others?

I wish this was not such a common issue.
But the truth is most Americans would rather die (literally) than let anyone hear them sing!

I get it… This used to be me, too.
So why is this such a rampant issue?

Because our culture didn’t teach us how to express ourselves in this way.

In other words, it’s not your fault!

And it’s not because you are a “bad” singer.

Let's do this — I'm ready to sing!
  • Britta GreenViolet

    “Having a great voice is not a requirement for experiencing the joy of singing… I’ve shifted my mindset:
    Let it rip. Have fun! Let go of judgement.”


    Catalyst for Conscious Evolution,

  • Britta GreenViolet

    “There’s a different kind of awareness in my body often on a daily basis. I'm using my voice more as I practice yoga, stretch, dance...
    Each section of this course is filled with pearls of wisdom. ”


    Painter and Author,

  • Britta GreenViolet

    “This course set me on a path to explore singing as a spiritual practice, a coping skill, a friend in time of sadness, grief and joy.
    Singing has become a part of who I am! ”


    Integrative Functional Nutrition ACP, Eating Disorder Consultant,

  • Britta GreenViolet

    “Seeing Britta doing her thing (and doing it so well while supporting others) inspires me to grow as a leader and teacher.
    I love her teaching style:
    grounded, confident, clear, knowledgeable, supportive. ”


    Life Coach & Song Leader,

  • Britta GreenViolet

    “My new mantra: I sing to express! (Not to impress)
    For anyone considering this course: Take a leap and push through your boundaries- it really is the spice of life!
    I LOVED IT!”


    Sherwood OR, Farmer and Registered Nurse,

Culturally, we've come to think of singing as a ‘performance art’, minimizing its potential on our lives as a whole.

But what I’ve seen and discovered is that people who use singing as a tool in their lives are happier, more connected to their loved ones and their community, have more flow with their creativity, and have greater access to their feelings... which makes them HEALTHIER humans.

As a holistic wellness + lifestyle mentor, singing is one of the best prescriptions I know of to uplevel your confidence, unblock your creativity, deepen your connection to the essence of life itself and to the life-force that lives in your own body.

Singing is NOT just a hobby, friends!

Don’t believe me?

For my skeptics, here are some of the many emotional and physical health benefits of singing…

  • strengthens the immune system
  • tones respiratory organs
  • improves lung function
  • increases breath capacity
  • strengthens your core
  • improves your posture
  •  acts as a natural antidepressant
  • lowers cortisol levels and stress
  • improves mental alertness
  • can create more connection with your community and relationships
  • boosts confidence
  • opens the flow of creativity
  • improves listening and communication skills
  • It has even been shown to greatly assist elderly with neural disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s!

What more motivation do you need?!?


Obviously, most of us desire to be healthy, whole people.

But when it comes to singing, what most of us want is to simply sound decent!

We want to be able to sing along with our favorite song…

or do karaoke at our friend’s birthday party…

or maybe lead a song at a family gathering…

without feeling horrified and unsure what will come out of our mouth.

Beyond that, many of us carry around old stories of shame, fear and rejection.

We're afraid that using our voice in public (especially singing) might bring criticism, and someone might even silence us or make us feel ashamed for trying.

But friend, good news! All is not lost!

How can you expect to be good at something you have never practiced or received training or guidance in?

Most of us wouldn’t expect to speak Portuguese or do a handstand without some practice and training, right?

Singing is no different.

And the silver lining is that in the practice lies priceless gems of insight, evolution and energy that will raise the vibrational frequency of your entire life!

With all that goodness in mind, I'm delighted to invite you to join me for my signature program…

Holistic Singing is an online, self-guided virtual course designed to help you

  • start singing immediately
  • disprove your best arguments for why there’s no hope for you as a singer
  • destroy all the obstacles in the way of liberating your authentic voice
  • sing safely + keep your throat, lungs and voice healthy
  • step onto a lifelong path of playful, musical expression!

Think of this course as Singing 101 + Holistic Healthcare + Dharma Lesson

Whether you identify as a singer or not, this course will lay down a sturdy foundation for your new (or renewed) musical practice, giving you tools for singing and expressing your truth with clarity and confidence.

In this unique and friendly approach, we’ll cover the 3 Ms of holistic singing:

The emotional and mental upgrades, reframes and new ways of thinking we’ll need to install, so you can meet your voice with curiosity and truly enjoy the journey of self expression through song.

The physical instruction for how to safely sing full out, improving your tone, pitch, strength, volume, posture, breath, and overall ability to command and control your singing voice with ease, grace and joy.

The practical (yet magical) spell that song will cast over your life, and intentionally using it to create more bliss, connection, wellbeing, flow, confidence and insight in your body, energy and relationships.


At the end of the course, you’ll have newfound skills, techniques, practices & perspectives, plus a medicinal basket of songs to soothe your soul and celebrate the beauty and mystery of life.

And, you’ll have access to the course content for life, so you can go back and review it whenever you like.

Start Singing Today!

How the Holistic Singing Course works:

This is an online self-guided course in a beautiful, easy to maneuver platform.

You’ll have a log-in and can easily work at your own pace.

There are 2 levels to choose from, depending on how much personal support you'd like from me along the way!

What’s included in the Basic Self-Study Course:

  • 6 x modules of content in a beautiful, user-friendly online platform

    • The HSC syllabus is one of my best creative achievements thus far! These are the core materials at the heart of Holistic Singing.

    • Weaving together mindset, mechanics and the magic of song, the resources you’ll get here include video and audio trainings, provocative handouts with journal prompts, warm-up and exercise guides, and song recordings.

    • Not only will you learn to sing (or improve your voice if you’re experienced), but you’ll develop a grounded understanding of the power music brings to your overall vitality and well being.

    • Lessons include a wide range of content… from Singing as a Spiritual Practice to Embodiment & The Chakra System to Vocal Trauma and much, much more!

    • All materials are yours to download and revisit on the course platform for life.

  • A collection of 20+ songs for your personal singing library

    • This is the juiciest part of the course! It contains the secret sauce of implementation. The song’s I’ve chosen for you cover a vast span of themes, styles, emotional content, and vocal experimentation.

    • All songs are presented as both video teaching sessions and audio recordings, yours to keep, and available as mp3 downloads, as well as a SoundCloud playlist so you can listen easily via the SC app or website.

    • You’ll also get a Lyric Library Songbook (pdf) with origin stories and background info, links to songwriter’s websites, and links to various versions of the songs, where applicable.

    • Not only will you learn a bunch of great new (awesome) tunes, but you’ll also have a new understanding of what it means to “carry” a song and the responsibility of honoring the author, lineage and meaning behind each one.

Optional Add-ons Available for those desiring more support:

  • 2 x Private Sessions with Britta

    • This option of the program includes 2 private coaching sessions over Zoom.

    • Session #1: a 30-minute Voice Assessment Session. In this session we'll get straight to the heart of the matter, and discuss what's been stopping you thus far from accessing your most authentic vocal expression, plus we'll review any goals you have for the course. I'll highlight any particular songs or lessons to pay special attention to, given your unique set of challenges and aspirations. NoteThis session will be scheduled right after you enroll.

    • Session #2: a 60-minute 1-1 VIP Coaching Session.  In this session I'll work with you directly to integrate the knowledge and practices from the course into your unique body, voice and life experience. This is a rich opportunity to work through any stubborn resistance or insecurities, and get personal attention from me to help you work through your biggest voice blocks. NoteThis session will happen after you've completed most of the course.

    • I love my 1-1 clients, and relish the chance to hold a space and explorative space for you to find your voice. We’ll warm up, we’ll breathe, we’ll sing, we might cry, and we’ll definitely laugh! 

    • These sessions aren’t available as single stand-alone sessions. The only other way to work with me privately is in one of my private or group mentorship experiences... In other words, this is a rare opportunity to get 1-1 support from me to help you personally work on your voice and any related areas holding you back from your purest form of expression.

GemmaBritta’s teachings are much more than how to sing, but how to carry and express spirit.

I used to be apprehensive and fearful of rejection around my voice. Britta was able to pinpoint some of the negative beliefs and address blockages preventing me from accessing my voice.

Britta helped me understand that music calls us to be embodied, and that singing requires courage to be vulnerable and open.

Britta is aligned with spirit— she is a graceful expression of the divine feminine.
She has raised the bar for me in terms of how I carry myself in everyday life as well as in song.

— Gemma Andaya | Psychotherapist & Yoga Teacher, Las Vegas NV |

Exchange for the Holistic Singing Course:

Usually, hiring a holistic voice coach and getting this level of training is an investment.

I recognize this and I honor you for being willing to invest in your growth as a singer (and as a healthy, happy human!)

Since the birth of this vision, it’s been a primary goal of mine to make this content accessible to my entire community…

This course is a fraction of my private 1-1 VIP Mentorship Program rates, and I’m excited to be able to offer an avenue to work with me without making a deeper commitment to a longer program.

I’ve experienced the transformative power of song firsthand…

With delight I share that opportunity for transformation with you now!

Self Study Course


Lifetime Access to the HSC

Course + 1-1 sessions


Course + 1-1 Sessions

Payment Plan

2 x $444

Payment plan for course + 1-1

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I want you to be absolutely delighted with what you receive from this course, so I’m offering you a 

Holistic Singing Happiness Guarantee

I want you to be MORE than satisfied with the content delivered in ‘Holistic Singing’.

If for some reason this course doesn’t meet your expectations, you have 30 days to test-drive the program. Upon request for refund, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire and return it within 2 days to prove that you’ve gone through the material (refunds won’t be offered for non-participation). If you follow these steps, you'll receive a refund. You have my word on it!

Meet your guide, Britta GreenViolet

Britta GreenViolet -rocksTRUTH:

Not that long ago, I was TERRIFIED to sing in front of anyone.

I was a closet “car singer” who loved to sing, but only in secret.

If anyone actually heard me singing, I felt humiliated.

I actually auditioned for my high school’s jazz choir at the beginning of my senior year, just to see if I could get in…

(I sang a song from the pole dancer in the musical "Rent"

They told me I was pretty good, but that I would need to spend some time in the normal choir and earn my place in the jazz choir.

I was like, ‘cool, no thanks.’

Fast forward over a decade, and some deep excavation into spirituality, wellness, creativity and inner development work…

I met a friend and mentor who said to me,

“if you’re looking for spiritual growth, start a music practice.”

I took his advice to heart, and I began to sing.

What a wild ride! And now, 9 years later…

  • I SING IN FRONT OF PEOPLE without thinking twice (or letting my ego get in the way)
  • I even have a beautiful marriage that is rooted in MUSIC (we're working on an album, stay tuned!)

And not only did I start and now lead a community choir with my husband, but I’m finding some of my deepest work in the world to be with the voice, and helping others make the journey that I’ve made…

… from believing I “couldn’t sing” and feeling terrified of being heard, exposed and witnessed in my song

… to LOVING the experience of sharing my voice with my community and my loved ones

… not to mention the profound healing I’ve experienced and the incredible lessons I’ve learned through the mentor of music.

Because you know, singing is giving yourself a personal sound bath!

(And just in case you’re looking for a more traditional bio, here you go)

Britta GreenViolet is a Voice & Vision Mentor who guides men and women to courageously explore the edges of their expression and embody the power to pursue their true path.

The published author of “Eat Here Now: a bite-sized guide to ritualize your life, nourish your body and feed your spirit.”, Britta’s work is informed by over a decade of study, research and inquiry in the fields of leadership, embodiment, creative expression & communication, ministry, mindfulness, integrative nutrition, plant medicines, yoga, sound healing and music.

Rooted in the belief that we must feel our best in order to be our best, Britta’s lovingly-crafted offerings support you to embrace your ordinary and awaken your extraordinary (because you are an integral part of us). 

DresdenI was banished to singing only while alone in my car.

Before working with Britta, I wanted to sing but my fear held me back from singing in front of others.

Britta held a strong and safe container— she eased me into the singing process, but also offered practices that stretched me in other ways.

The safety and friendliness of the practices allowed me space to grow and inspired me to keep practicing, build my confidence and ultimately led to improved singing.

A literal dream come true!
This is real energy work with a practitioner who is true and clear. 

— Dresden Holden | Acupuncturist, Santa Barbara CA |

How do you know if this course is for you?

So glad you asked!

This course is absolutely made for you if

  • You love to sing. Period. (No matter how it sounds!)
  • You’re never sure if you’re singing the right note with the song on the radio (but having fun anyway!)
  • You think you might actually have a decent voice already, but you’re still insecure about anyone hearing it (and wonder what might happen if you gave it some attention)
  • You’ve been curious about taking a music class or voice lessons, but something blocks you from taking action (fear, money, time…)

This course is also for you if you ever say phrases like

  • Oh, you don’t want to hear me sing!
  • I can’t carry a tune
  • I love to sing but I’m terrible
  • My voice is awful!
  • Singing is fun, but I’m not very good

This course is not for you if you’re looking for

  • A classical music training
  • Music theory education
  • A hardass teacher who will criticize or shame you and agree with your self-limiting beliefs

So, beloved vocal explorer…

Are you in?

Yes! Let's Sing.

Still on the fence?

In these rich mysterious times on planet earth, we need all the help we can get to boost our mood, our energy and our morale.

Our body is quite possibly our greatest spiritual teacher, and what better way to dive into the deep waters of self-discovery and self-healing than through the voice?

A time-related note (Winter 2021)

I had no idea how perfect the timing on this course would be while creating it, but seeing the emotional and psychological impact of social distancing/quarantines makes me so grateful for the medicine of music!

I know I can always use it to soothe my soul and my body.

I want you to gift yourself that same powerful tool as well.

Let’s take this journey together, dear one.

Your singing practice will offer lustrous gems you cannot even conceive of, for years to come.

Join me?

Let's start singing!